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Dave Brandow is a fantastic demonstrator, educator, and entertainer at the forge. I've seen him demonstrate blacksmithing many times, and he is always an engaging and energetic presence. Dave can reach out to all ages and levels of understanding of the subject and make the work he's doing come alive in a meaningful way to his audience, be they a fellow blacksmith or a young child who has just come to see the sparks fly. Dave is a wonderful artist whose love and enthusiasm for his craft comes though in everything he does.

Sean Stoughton, President, Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association

David Brandow is extremely knowledgeable about the blacksmithing trade. Scarborough Museum has hired him for some very high traffic events and he never fails to impress the visitors, who are always crowded around him. He is outgoing, friendly, creative and works tirelessly!! This popular one man show is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to having him back again this summer.

Elaine Kemp, Acting Curator, Scarborough Museum, City of Toronto, Museum's and Heritage Services

The Oro Agricultural Society has been proud to have Dave Brandow’s Blacksmith Show at Oro World’s Fair since 2016. Dave’s knowledge and craftsmanship is second to none, and our patrons rave about Dave’s abilities and his entertainment value. He is able to educate about the history of smithing, and do so in a manner that is highly engaging to the public. His show fits perfectly within our antique power and agricultural show at the Oro World’s Fair, and we look forward to working with him continually in the future.

Oro Agricultural Society.

As a Historical Interpreter at Scarborough Museum with the City of Toronto, I have assisted with events for nearly two years. Since I first reached out to David Brandow in early 2017 to work at our Canada 150 event, I have admired his professional work ethic and his highly engaging demonstrations. At our events, David is always the first one to arrive, and is always the last one to leave. He adeptly handles unforeseen situations, whether extreme heat or intense crowds, and he requires minimal assistance during the event. Furthermore, as I do my own demonstrations of historic leatherworking, he has taught me a great deal about demonstrating the trades. I can unequivocally recommend David to any museum or venue that is looking for a top notch historic demonstrator.

Evan McMurtry, Historical Interpreter, Scarborough Museum, City of Toronto, Museum Services