Yes, I should take more, and better, pictures...


This is a traditional gate, something many people refer to as wrought iron (a term that means something different). Each panel is 4 feet wide, 6 feet tall at the apex. This gate is very heavy, 1” solid square framing. It has auto-closing hinges which allow it to swing open, rest at 90 degrees if desired, but slowly close otherwise. The leaves are acanthus leaves, a stylistic representation of leaf present in art going back to the Roman times and before, although it has been thousands of years since they in any way accurately represented what a real acanthus leaf looks like.

Fence Decoration

This is an example of some simple traditional scrollwork and how it can be use to decorate even the simplest of fences to create a visual impression


A hand-forged rose, entirely of steel. Never needs watering. :-) Note the delicate ruffling of the edges of the petals and the overall attention to detail.


One of my wife's passions is turtles, and she feels very strongly about making Ontario a safer place for them, whether it be crossing the road, providing medical aid for injured wild turtles or protecting their habitats. This lifesize, lifelike, three-dimensional turtle is meant to help spread that message.

Hand Rail

A railing for a landing at the top of a staircase. Weighing well over 100 pounds, it started with two bars three feet high which were drawn out by hand to a length of over eight feet and then shaped to form the frame of the railing. Branches and leaves were then hand-forged to create a naturalistic feel for a railing which appeals to the nature-lovers in all of us.